As the aviation industry faces new trends and challenges, Hondo Aerospace provides an opportunity for aircraft owners and operators to maximize value from their end-of-life aircraft. We offer harvesting, disassembly, and recycling solutions in addition to light maintenance.

Our array of capabilities covers:

Component Removal and Management

Even at an aircraft's end-of-life stage, there is an opportunity to extract value from its components which can be sold and reused if serviceable. At Hondo Aerospace, components can be removed, cleaned, protected and either stored at our facility or shipped to any location. We also offer inspection and certification of parts under our Part 145 Certification. Depending on customer requirements and the desired residual value, we can classify and handle components in the following ways:

  1. Highest residual value - Components requiring full recertification & documentation i.e. 8130-3, Part 145 CRS RTS documentation. These components are removed and sent out to vendors for full overhaul.
  2. Mid-level residual value - Components requiring limited recertification and documentation i.e. 8130-3 with limitations listed in block 12, Part 145 CRS limited repair documentation. These components can be inspected, tested, and documented by Hondo Aerospace prior to disabling the aircraft functionally. These components are given a limited 8130-3 approval tag with work accomplished in block 12 (limited release only).
  3. Lowest level of residual value - Components "Serviceable as Removed". These components are inspected or functionally checked and are removed as such. They can also include structural components that are within the CRS limitations for a Return To Service, such as panels. These components require the least of amount of investment, and do not get an 8130-3 form. Instead, they are issued with a Certificate Repair Station (CRS) tag.